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How do I purchase chat time?

Chat time can be purchased by clicking "Buy Chat Time" on the home page, or you may log-in and click the green "Chat Minutes Available" button located in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Who is answering my questions during chat?

Your questions are being answered by qualified and licensed pharmacists in the US.

How do I know how much chat time I have left?

Your remaining chat time is displayed in the upper-right corner of your page. In the green "Chat Minutes Available" button.

How long does it take to be connected with a pharmacist?

You can be connected within seconds of asking your question. 

What kind of questions can I ask a pharmacist?

You can ask questions regarding medications you are taking; Interactions between two or more medications; Questions regarding supplements and vitamins; Questions regarding homeopathic medications; Questions regarding nutrition; Questions regarding smoking cessation, and so much more! Our pharmacists will answer these questions to the best of their professional knowledge and resources. Contact Us if you need more information!

What are questions I cannot ask?

You cannot ask for our pharmacists to provide you with prescriptions for medications of any kind. If you are unsure if a certain question can be asked, feel free to email our support team on our Contact Us page.

I have a few unused minutes remaining, what can I do with them?

Unused minutes can be saved to ask quick questions, or we suggest adding more minutes to extend chat time. At the current moment we do not have other options for unused minutes, but we are working on it!

I am a pharmacist, can I answers people's questions?

Sure, you can apply here!